FiddleSticks - New for Spring 2013

Fiddlestick2Designed specifically for leave-no-trace anchoring on canyoneering descents, the FiddleStick creates a releasable anchor that pulls easily and requires less equipment than other ghosting techniques. Meant for advanced canyoneers, the Fiddlestick is a fantastic tool for keeping low-traffic and remote canyons free of permanent anchors, but requires careful use and precise application to be safe. See detailed photos and instructions for the Fiddlestick in CUSA's Tech Tips.

"Great Unknown" Grand Canyon DVD Now Available for Sale

GreatUnknownCanyoneer and filmmaker Dan Ransom spent 2011 & 2012 filming and editing a documentary about cutting-edge canyoneering explorations for the Grand Canyon. The stunning 23-minute film follows adventurers Rich Rudow and Todd Martin as they explore undiscovered slots in remote areas of the Grand Canyon. "Last of the Great Unknown" was a 2013 Finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and is now touring the world as part of the Festival's World Tour. Buy the movie now to enjoy EXCELLENT armchair canyoneering and use it to recruit more friends to join you in the canyons. Irresistible!

2013 Canyoneering Calendar

ICGCatalogThe 2013 calendar has arrived! Tried a little different format this year, tidy and small, about a half-page (5-1/2" x 7") in size. As usual, it contains a bunch of crazy canyoneering pictures... holidays... moon phases.

Turn it over, and you get the Imlay Canyon Gear Catalog. More photos, gear pictures, and a brief rundown of the line.

Get 'em while they're hot! Free with any order over $100. 

The Optimal Canyoneering Dry Bag?

VargoDrybags are an essential canyoneering tool, but nobody really makes the perfect canyoneering dry bag. Which one should you choose then? I like the 15L and 25L dry bags from Vargo Outdoors: they are light and compact, they seal up well, and they have a GENIUS purge valve. Read the Full Article...

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